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About Horkey's Wood and Parts


Let me introduce our company.....

You should know some details about a person and company you deal with.  I've been interested in pickups and old trucks for years and have a 1955 F-250, a 1940 Ford 1/2 ton, and a 1966 GMC Fleetside.  We have about 50 pickups in our "museum" yard to enable us to make accurate patterns for your parts.

  During the restoration-rodding of these vehicles, I realized a need for replacement bed parts and accessories.  I decided to manufacture and sell pickup parts for the truck rod-restoration hobby.  Our facility has expanded to four times it original size, and we now have eight people working to provide you with quality parts in a timely manner.  We have been serving customers nationwide since 1980.

  In 1988, we realized the Big Three auto manufacturers weren't offering a wood floor option any longer, so we developed the "Show Deck", a hardwood and stainless floor overlay.  This product allows the new truck buyer to blend current technology with the classic look of the past. 

  Because of the many years of testing and research, we feel we can offer the highest quality replacement parts on the market today.  We are developing replacement parts for Dodge pickups, as well as items for Chevy-GMC and Ford.  Our customers include people restoring pickups -- pickups used every day and all-out custom creations.

  Our staff is comprised of truck owners who are knowledgeable in production and sales, allowing them to help you get the right parts for your truck.  We are big enough to offer parts in stock and small enough to offer personal service.

  Thanks to all for helping make this a successful adventure.  We look forward to serving you.











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