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Tailgate Latches, Supports and Gas Caps




  TAILGATE STRAPS. Made with woven nylon and stainless end brackets. These straps attach to the tailgate and stake pocket area with included nut-serts. Instructions included.  $80 pr. 3 lbs.
These straps allow support of your tailgate in the open position when removing the original chains. Some modifications to your tailgate are necessary. Complete instructions and templates included. Now Available in Polished Stainless
'41-'87 GM Stepside Zinc $74 pr. $151 pr. 3 lbs
'58-'66 GM Fleetside Zinc $92 pr. $168 pr. 3 lbs
'53-'87 Ford Flareside Zinc $74 pr. $151 pr. 3 lbs
'48-'85 Dodge Stepside Zinc $74 pr. $151 pr. 3 lbs


Solid Stainless cam-locking, clamp style latches are much stronger than the cheaper brass castings.
They are polished and buffed to a mirror finish and supplied with matching attaching screws.
These Stainless latches have a lifetime replacement guarantee.   $148 pr.  3lbs   SALE $110  

NEW! Solid Stainless  These Lockable, clamp style latches are much stronger than the cheaper brass castings.
Available polished and buffed to a mirror finish and supplied with matching ring pins and attaching screws.
These Stainless latches have a lifetime replacement guarantee.   $138 pr.  3lbs.  SALE $99

This round, barrel-shaped latch is designed to fit into a 1" I.D. tailgate top roll ('38-'52 Ford). By using the steel sleeve and end cap, they can be adapted to other tailgates. The stainless latch pin mates with a nylon sleeve that is installed in the box side. Instructions included.
$135 pr., 3 lbs.     Latch only $113 pr., 3lbs.
'58-'66 Fleetside $140 pr. 3 lbs


This stainless steel, spring loaded, pin style stealth latch mounts inside the tailgate roll, requiring a 5/8-dia. hole and a small slot for the actuating lever. $72 pr., 3 lbs.

'58-'66 GM Fleetside $116 pr., 3lbs



We offer this beautiful, polished stainless steel gas cap! It is manufactured from 316 stainless steel, polished and buffed to a mirror finish. The 3" diameter is only .080 " thick and can be easily recessed if desired. The flush cap is opened and closed with a stainless interface key. The cap seals with an O-ring seat. Comes with all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation. Regular $68.00 6 lbs.

Special Price $50

These surface-mount doors open with a touch and add class to your pickup bed. Complete with instructions and mounting hardware.
OVAL with or w/o ball milled slots
4.25x6.75" $120 3 lbs  
RECTANGULAR with or w/o ball milled slots
4.25x5.5" $120 3 lbs  
5.25x6.5" $125 3 lbs.  

Gas Tank Fill Collars and Permanent Gas Cap

These weld-in steel or aluminum gas fill neck threaded collars allow you to properly locate your fuel fill where you want it, so you can mount your access door on the bed floor above the fill cap. The collars have internal threads to accept the push-through permanent gas cap. 

            Steel Collar     $20     2lbs.    

            Aluminum Collar     $20    2lbs.




Push-through Permanent Gas Cap.  Just replace your screw-in style gas cap with this convenient, easy to use version. You never have to remove it so you'll never lose it or get gas on your hands or clothes. Once installed, simply push the gas nozzle through the hinged, spring loaded, o-ring sealed flap and fuel up your ride. Get one for your other vehicles also.                           

Permanent Gas Cap     $16    2lbs. 




Remove spotwelds in just seconds with your electric drill.
Now $13.50  3 oz.

Has two cutting surfaces.
$9.00  3 oz.


TIP: Bed angle replacement. Original equipment bed angles were spot welded in place. Clean up area around angles. Center punch all spot welds on angle to box. Scribe a line under and on top of angle on box side for replacement reference. Measure from bottom of box side to underside of angle. Write down this measurement. Make notes of angle and hole locations and where angle starts at front and back of box side. Drill out spot welds with the spot weld cutter. Set depth on cutter to drill only through angle. After drilling, remove angle and clean up the box area behind old angles. Set new angle in place using references, and transfer location to box side. (If you want to bolt angles to bed sides, note fender and stake pocket locations and decide where to drill holes to attach angles to box side). Drill holes and bolt angles to box side or spot weld angles into place.



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