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Old Masters TUNG OIL SPAR VARNISH is a superior exterior coating formulated with tung oil and ultraviolet absorbers producing a high-quality flexible finish that withstands weathering due to sun, water and salt spray. The slight amber cast will highlight the existing colors of the wood. A more uniform overall color can be achieved by using a dye-stain before varnishing. Old Masters provides an extremely durable coating for all exterior wood surfaces, including pickup bed wood, boats, railings, fences, siding, lawn furniture, doors, and marine surfaces.
Old Masters requires no sealer on new wood and may be applied over previously-varnished, lacquered, or stained surfaces which are free of waxes, silicones, household greases or other substances which would impair adhesion.
Ultraviolet absorbers have been added to Old Masters, to provide a screen for the protection of the wood surfaces against the harmful rays of the sun and to prolong the life of the finish up to 50% over other clear exterior finishes.

Old Masters

Spar Varnish
1 qt
 $27.50 4lbs  




  All Purpose reducer. Gives better flow and brushing properties.
1 qt
$13.50 2 lbs.
Short Bed Kit $90.00 10 lbs        
2 qts. Spar Varnish
1 qt NEL-THIN_OL Reducer
2 Quality Natural Bristle
 Finishing Brushes
4 Foam Brushes
1 Tack Cloth
1 ScotchBrite Pad
15 320-grit Sandpaper
10 120-grit Sandpaper
Long Bed Kit $119 12 lbs        
3 qts. Spar Varnish
1 qt NEL-THIN_OL Reducer
2 Quality Natural Bristle Finishing Brushes
6 Foam Brushes
2 Tack Cloths
3ScotchBrite Pad
20 320-grit Sandpaper
15 120-grit Sandpaper

                    OLD MASTERS STAIN

There's nothing like the rich beauty of stained wood. OLD MASTERS  stains add a rich even color tone and enhance the grain patterns, rivaling the look of exotic hardwoods, allowing you to create a complimentary color for the wood that allows better blending with your interior or exterior paint.

OLD MASTERS wood stains are oil based, in a gel, penetrating or wiping consistency. They can be applied with the grain using a ScotchBrite pad, brush or roller, providing smooth, even coverage. We have found that the OLD MASTERS  stains are compatible with most topcoats.
     Step by step instructions are included. The color chart is approximate and will vary slightly depending on the type of wood and the number of coats applied. These stains can be mixed to create custom shades.
     One pint is enough for one coat on a short bed floor (aprox.100-125 sq.ft coverage
 Down load the OLD MASTERS Color Chart here
Golden Oak 1 pint $16 3lbs. Cedar 1 pint $16 3lbs. Dark Mahogany 1 pint $16 3lbs.
Spanish Oak 1 pint $16 3lbs. Crimson Fire 1 QT $21.25 6lbs. Rich Mahogany 1 Qt $21.25 6lbs
    Rich Mahogany   1 pint $16 3lbs

Jet Black 1 pint $32.00 3lbs.

NEW  Water Borne Stain colors
Black Cherry 1 pint $26.00 3lbs Vintage Cherry 1 pint $26.00 3lbs Rosewood 1 pint $26.00 3lbs
Cinnamon $26.00 pint 3lbs    

We're excited to offer some new water borne stain colors to give your bedwood a rich furniture quality appearance. The top two samples are Ash, the middle two are Mahogany and the bottom two samples are Red Oak. We have additional instruction included with the stain to get the most from your finishing efforts.

     Water Borne Stain Samples



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