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Chevrolet GMC Box Angles and Covers
REAR SILL COVER FOR CHEVY-GMC. Polished stainless cover for portion of sill that shows between end of boards and tailgate. These covers are individually formed for each size pickup. Custom angles - inquire.


'34-'87 Stepside $37 4 lbs
'58-'79 Fleetside $42 5 lbs

BOX SIDE TO BED ANGLES. Available formed to 1 1/2" x 1" right angle in stainless and cold rolled steel. Cut to length, with floor holes. Save labor by replacing the box side lower lip.          
78" Pairs Steel $57 35 lbs.      
  Stainless $74 35 lbs      
  Polished $85 35 lbs      
97" Pairs Steel $64 70 lbs      
  Stainless $81 70 lbs      
  Polished $92 70 lbs      
112" Pairs Steel $93  Freight      
  Stainless $111  Freight      
  Polished $123  Freight      
New! Properly bent angles to fit your stock box sides for 1934-36 Chevy.
  Steel $52 pr. 35 lbs
  Stainless $73 pr. 35 lbs
  Polished $85 pr. 35 lbs


We will custom punch square holes in the angles or skid strips for $5 per angle or strip.

For attaching angles to box sides.

12 piece bolt set Stainless $11.50 Polished SS $31.50
16 piece bolt set Stainless $14.15 Polished SS $43.50


Tip! '73-87 Chevy-GMC Stepside pickups have bolts attached to the angles along the sides. Center punch these and drill through the head with an 11/32" bit. Square out the hole using a square file. In a few strokes the hole will accept the carriage bolts included in the Skid Strip Bolt Kit. See new Angle and Bolt Kit to replace complete angle.

Ash and Polished Stainless

Purple Heart and Polished Stainless

  We will custom cut strips to length:      



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