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 Bed Covers and Bed Floor Mats



After you've spent many dollars and hours finishing and installing your award-winning floor, you'll want to protect your investment. We offer a variety of heavy-duty vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum covers for your pickup box. The SOFT COVERS are made from high-quality, fine grain, bed cover top material, attached with a high-temperature, adhesive-backed Velcro that's secure to 220 degrees. The cover is designed to fit around and under the bedside roll, hiding the Velcro on the bottom of the bedside roll. Available in black for 1932-'72 Ford Short Flareside and 1941-'87 Chevrolet Short Stepside and 1939-85 Dodge stepsides. 

Available in Black Velcro  
1932-72 Ford Shortbed Flareside    $285 30 lbs  
1953-72 Ford Longbed Flareside $320 40 lbs  
1941-87 Chevy-GMC Shortbed Stepside $285    40 lbs.  
1941-53 Chevy-GMC Longbed Stepside $320 40 lbs  
1939-56  Dodge Shortbed Lowside $285 30 lbs.  
1948-85 Dodge Shortbed Highside-Utiline $285 30 lbs.  
TONNEAU COVER SUPPORT for boxes with flare top sides. These expertly-crafted, solid hardwood, foam-padded cover supports rest on the flare angle. No fasteners required. Pre-finished, ready to install.    $100   30 lbs





TONNEAU COVER SUPPORT for boxes with flat top sides. This style support mounts on brackets attached to the box sides, allowing the support to be removed. Fasteners included. Pre-finished, ready to install.    $120    35 lbs  PHOTO COMING SOON


HARDTOP BED COVERS for your custom-classic truck. This truly outstanding smooth, rigid pickup bed cover lid is made from non-rusting stainless and aluminum. The weather stripped lid support structure has integrated rain gutters that direct water to a hidden drain, keeping the inside of your box clean and dry. These covers open and close electrically by remote controlled electric lift motors from on-off switches mounted inside your cab. Optional remote control fobs are available at half price when ordered with the hardtop.

    These covers are made for 1928-'72 Ford Short Flareside and 1934-'87 Chevrolet Short Stepside $1,845 + Freight

Also Available for 1957-87 Ford Short Styleside and 1958-87 Chevrolet Short Fleetside $2,077 + Freight

Now available for the 67-72 GM Longbed Fleetside  $2,300 plus freight

4-Function Remote Control FOB $150 4lbs



NEW The BED RUG Universal BED RUG MAT. This 66"x98"x 1/2" thick sheet of slip and skid resistant, waterproof foam has a carpet like surface and can be easily cut to fit your pickup bed floor. This mat works great to protect your finished hardwood floor while hauling your cooler and chairs, etc. to the show. Then remove the mat and show off your handiwork.
    $188 80lbs
We also offer the original BED RUG featuring full coverage protection to the inside of your pickup box and tailgate. Easy to install, instructions included for most '88 and up GMs, '95 and up Dodges and '97 and up Fords.
    $420 80 lbs
BED FLOOR MATS made from the same soft nylon/rubber blend that's used in toolbox drawers and shelf liners. This mat provide a non-slip surface that will not mark your floor. Just roll it out to haul and roll it up to show off your nice floor.
  48"x80" $76 15 lbs.
  48"x97" $91 15 lbs




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